BIGGER and BETTER than ever before!

WELCOME to Term 1!

2nd February to 13th April

Exciting days ahead!!  See below for our latest timetable, including some amazing Short Courses in Show Moves, Choreography, and Body Movement; our Super Special offer for Beginners; and information about our great "Dance Doctor"!

Looking forward to an incredible term of dancing with you all!

Karen and the KMOTION Team

We really want to make you the best dancer you can be, so as well as all our amazing regular classes, and Social Events for you to practice at, we offer the following special extras -  learn faster, practice good habits, and enjoy your dancing even more!

BEGINNERS SPECIAL:  Every beginner course enrolled gets a free 1/2 hr Private Lesson included! (to work on that style, to be used between week 2 and week 8)

DANCE DOCTOR:  $20 for 20 minutes!  Sometimes you just have a few niggling things to fix in your dancing - book in to see a specialist!  We'll even write you a prescription :)

OPEN PRACTICE:  Every week we give you an hour of studio time to use for your own practice (unsupervised, open to all KMOTION students, no charge).
KMOTION Term 1 – 2nd Feb to 13th April
5.30-6.30 Open Practice
6.30-7.30 Tango Foundation
7.30-8.30 Tango Intermediate 1A
8:30-9:30 Tango Intermediate 2A
6.30-7.30 Zouk Lambada Foundation
Zouk Lambada Intermediate 2A
7.30-8.30 Zouk Lambada    Intermediate 1A
Zouk Lambada Advanced
8.30-9.30 Short Courses   (5 Weeks)
Choreography Course
Body Movement Course
6:30-7:30 Salsa Foundation
Salsa Intermediate 2A
7:30-8:30 Salsa Intermediate 1A
8:30-9:30 Short Courses   (5 Weeks)
Bachata - Open
Show Moves-Lifts+Dips
6-7 Rueda Advanced
7-8 Rueda Beginner/ Lower Int  
Rueda Upper Int
  Latin Lovers @ Corazon
8-8.30 Salsa Intro for complete beginners (drop-in class)
8.30-midnite Social Dancing $7
  Private lessons, Workshops, Training, Studio Hire
  Tango Practica
3:30-4:00 Drop-in Technique Class - Open           $15, includes practica
4:00-6:00 Tango Practica  $7
  Zouk Revolution
2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday Each month
Zouk Drop-in Class - Begn + Int          $15, includes Social
Social Dancing $7
FOUNDATION                  Absolutely no experience, will provide you with all the fundamentals                                                  in that dance
INTERMEDIATE  1 (A + B)      Where applicable, 1A and 1B must both be completed before                                                            moving on to 2A and 2B
INTERMEDIATE  2 (A + B)      Where applicable, 2A and 2B must both be completed before  moving on to Advanced.
(A and B are interchangeable levels with different material but a similar level of complexity, and can be taken in either order).
ADVANCED                        Invitation only, please check with your instructor.
OPEN                                    All welcome regardless of level
TERM CLASS:   The term class runs for 10 weeks, builds progressively, and teaches steps, partnership, musicality and expression!  Discounts apply for doing more than one class a week.
$150 / $135 conc if doing 1 class/week
$285 / $255 conc if doing 2 classes/week
$405 / $360 conc if doing 3 classes/week
#  SHORT COURSES:  Short Courses are a great way to try a few new dances or concepts.
$85 each, or $80 each for any 2, or $75 each for 3 or more.
#  BEGINNERS SPECIAL:  Every beginner course enrolled gets a free 1/2 hr Private Lesson included(to work on that style, to be used between week 4 and week 6).
#  DANCE DOCTOR:  $20 for 20 minutes!  Sometimes you just have a few niggling things to fix in your dancing - book in to see a specialist!   See Studio Reception for Schedule.
BRONZE PASS:    Allows you entry to ALL Term Classes at your level or below, and all regular social events.                        $495
SILVER PASS:       As per a Bronze Pass, and also includes all Short Courses and 2 Dance Doctor Sessions!                   $595
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Class sizes are limited, so places will be given to those who’ve booked and paid first.   Please email us to book in your class preferences.              
Unless otherwise arranged, classes must be paid for by 1st Feb, 2015.  This can be done via direct transfer, at the Studio, or by other arrangement. 
A surcharge will apply for late payments.  
TRANSFER:  St George Bank – BSB 112-908, Account 029 127 558
(K’MOTION Dance Studio). 
Please make sure your name is mentioned, and please email us to advise of deposit.
        Enrolments are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
        We reserve the right to change any class times or content.
Fast-track your dancing!  Individual attention allows you to work on technique, style, advanced material, new dances etc.  Flexible times available.
Single or Couple - $70 ($80 with Karen)
THEN – Get 10% off any block of 5 or more lessons
SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS:  If class times don’t suit, or you’re interested in doing other dances, get your friends together and organize your own group at a time to suit you.  Prices available on request. 
BRIDAL LESSONS:  We absolutely love helping people get ready for their special day, and have more than 10 years experience doing so – you can either do private lessons or get your whole bridal party involved, and we can help with music and choreography as well.
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